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6 months of being a Dad

So 6 months ago today I was overjoyed to announce the Birth of my son Hendrix Michael Ridzuan to the world. The game changer as I like to call him, it has been an unforgettable experience and all for the good, I love his feeding frenzy, I love bath times, him consuming my every minute of what little spare time I have. Now it’s not all plane sailing, being confused when he’s crying for no reason, or the random o’clock crying in his sleep then it stops when walking into his room. But these are little things, being a parent has been great. I love to sing to him, I have learned to be more patient, things no longer frustrate me. My new favourite songs “The Dingly Dangle Scarecrow and Old Macdonald had a farm. I’m amazed to see how small he was to the tank he is today, he’s not crawling bit he is a weeble, rolling back to front, front to back all over the floor, him grabbing the noisiest things, he developed a massive smile and the smelliest farts, I blame the purée veg. I couldn’t think anything could make me love my wife anymore then I do but her producing the most amazing gift of all has, he has made us strong and even more happier I could ever imagine. What does the next 6 months hold. Hopefully a few teeth maybe the odd word or the first steps, but I’m just gonna enjoy all the little things Hendrix does because these time are the best times and not to rush him too soon

Thank you Catherine


What ever the occasion music has always calmed my situation happy, sad, angry or just void. It’s an emotion that always puts things in to perspective. We all judge people to what they listen too (hell I even do it unintentionally) but I guess that’s just being human. I was born in the late 70’s so I’ve experienced many artists and sounds in the years like many of you. So experiencing the transformation music is so overwhelming. But I do feel music is become too manufactured by X factor to the voice. It’s not just the voice of the artist but writing their own music, playing an instrument and sharing their life experiences through a song is what I find real passion. Not like these manufactured bands and solo artist who just look pretty. Will we have another Jackson, Bruce Springstein, 2 Pac, The Who or Ottis Redding, we probably will in spurts but not enough. I do miss buying Records and CD’s but the itune generation is so convenient and more tidier to store. I love music an appreciates everyone’s taste in Genre however bad it is.

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Being a Dad

So nearly 3 months in and being responsible for a small baby boy is the most amazing experience of my life. I witness my beautiful wife go through 25 hours of labour without no drugs and she gave me and the world an amazing little boy named Hendrix Michael Ridzuan. As soon as I held him I knew he was a game changer and I am going to embark on my greatest adventure. During the past 3 months, I have become best friends with my kettle, found myself shoving a camera in his face at any given opportunity, making song playlists and singing to him adding his name to every chorus. Every shop I come out with baby clothing. Choosing his football team he’s going to support, downloading all my favourite kids programmes so I can relive my childhood again. The night-feeds become easier to non existent, Nappys become a covert operation changing them stealth like and quick. I have a weekend policy, I sleep when he sleeps and his mother is always wrong ha ha. He has taught me so much already and hope I can teach him a few things too. Thank you Catherine for our greatest creation 💋

Deadpool_Lyrics Says?: Breastfeeding Mum



I am all for Breastfeeding and also breastfeeding in public and there is so many benefits from it apparently but what really really really annoys me is breastfeeding mums bang on about breastfeeding. They look disapprovingly at other mums that formula feed as they believe that makes them a BAD…

What bothers me, as a breastfeeding mother, is when women choose not to breastfeed for vanity or they wanna keep drinking and partying. Granted, a woman can raise her child however she wants, I just can’t wrap my head around why someone would choose to miss out on an amazing experience just for their own vanity….

I completely agree with Breastfeeding should be 1st as the baby’s and mothers health comes before anything else. It’s unfortunate that some people can’t breastfeed and “do” miss out on bonding/experience. But what really gets my goat are breastfeeding snobs that are quick to judge and then be dam right rude. The other day my poor wife was was feeding our boy from a bottle because he just won’t breastfeed and some mum went over and said she won’t loose any baby weight if you keep formula feeding him, she was distraught when she came home. In fact our boy is fit and healthy and spot on his weight.
If people choose not to breastfeed due to being vain or dam right impatient then it’s their loss but I bet more mothers would love to feed their child from their bosom rather then a bottle if they could as its a natural way.

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Breastfeeding Mum

I am all for Breastfeeding and also breastfeeding in public and there is so many benefits from it apparently but what really really really annoys me is breastfeeding mums bang on about breastfeeding. They look disapprovingly at other mums that formula feed as they believe that makes them a BAD parent. It’s turns out the belief is your child won’t grow properly and becomes least intelligent and we are harming a child because they couldn’t breastfeed. These snobbish breastfeeding mums need to step back and think sometimes why a child isn’t breastfeeding. The worst ones are the ones who smoke and drink then breastfeed “who are they to judge” surely that’s harming your child more. What I’m trying to say is please breastfeed but don’t offend or past judgment on people who can’t because your a bigger idiot then the ones moaning at you in public.

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Baby Beats ❤

Being a Pregnant Dad

The most painful experience of being a dad to be is listening to your wife complain that Pregnancy sucks, man it’s tough being a dad to be, I can no longer go out and gets smashed because she says it’s unfair, I can no longer sit up on the sofa and watch sports, she wants me to decorate something. My life now is a servant to the bump attached to my wife, but I couldn’t be happier, so only 21 weeks of this moaning, complaining , harassing and angry hormones to go, Then I can stop being a pregnant dad and just be Dad to a little ball skin.

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